Hairless Peterbald Sphynx



 The home of the Don Sphynx & Peterbald feline

  The home of the Don Sphynx and the Peterbald feline



The home of the Don Sphynx and the Peterbald feline



Chocolate Point  


Luna cattery Queen 


Sailor a Chocolate Point


 Opal, a green eyed White, resides in New York

SIRE: BALZAMIN   Don Sphynx 

   Balzamin   Don Sphynx Stud


Chocolate Point ... Arcadia cattery queen


Verona retired Queen

Rocket Power a Silver Tabby  cattery Queen


Cattery play room, Alice  retired Queen

Charles a Bicolor 4 wk old male kitten

White green eyed female


Kayto a Bicolor resides in Rhode Island

Cotton a Chocolate Point    Cattery Queen 


Daisy cattery queen and her babies

DemiGirl a Peterbald. 

Gibson, albino cattery stud

Sherri and Balzamin fast asleep

Dani a very rare "brindled" Bicolor


Cattery play house

Sophie, Black Bicolor, daughter of Rocket Power

Madison aka Maddimad   RETIRED cattery queen

Sailor a Chocolate Point

Wilson our Don Sphynx   

STUD in Canada

Paris resides in New Hampshire with Beth

Gibson cattery stud Petebald as a kitten

Chocolate Tortoiseshell

Gorgeous Don Sphynx rare Brindled Bicolor, Dani, resides in Boston, Ma.


Holly at 11 wks of age

Holly at 5 wks. of age 


Maru Levi, solid Black, resides in Warwick, R.I. and her Albino brother, Ranger

Brandon at The Salem Hauted Happenings Halloween Pet Contest in Salem, Ma. 10/2010

Jamie camping with her baby girl, Pearl. They reside in Maine.

Quad. Champion Zhaklin  (retired Queen)

Tinsley & Bennet reside in Salem, Ma. with Kristen x0x0

Lilac/Cinnamon in color pictured within minutes of birth, Java. Also pictured at 10 weeks of age

Peterbald, Ipswich resides in Geneva, Switzerland

Black Tabby, Shadow is a Peterbald (son of Luna & Brandon) resides in Readfield, Maine with Kyle

Sailor, blue eyed Chocolate Point

Sabrina (Malina) resides in Brick, N.J. w/Lisa & Sahara (Tia)

Nakita is the son of Aurora (Tinkerbell)

Turi a true Red male, born a Red Mackerel Tabby at birth

The kids napping on their bed.

Carlise a Cream Point stud in Canada

Jack, a Red Mackerel Tabby at birth now solid Red Don Sphynx is our family pet


Aries resides in Maine w/Colleen and family


Geona, a Don Sphynx  (Cream Point), daughter of Zhaklin (Queen in California)  

Augustus, a Don Sphynx, son of Olivia  resides in New York


Salem (solid Black) son of Rocket Power & Doir     Stud in Canada

Peterbalds, "Salem" at 6 months of age playing with his Momma 


Cattery play gym 


Daughter of Olivia & Brandon future cattery Peterbald queen

Aurora a Black Tortioseshell. Daughter of Olivia & Balzamin retired Queen

Chance, a Don Sphynx, son of Isabelle and Balzamin  resides in Texas

Olive resides in Alston, Ma.

Olivia & Dior, Brandon, solid Black Peterbald

Pete son of Isabelle & Dior   solid Cream  Peterbald

Aries son of Olivia and Balzamin

Gizzy, Chocolate Point, son of Olivia & Balzamin resides in New York with Kim & Ben

Scotty x0x0 (Squeakers), born a Red Classic Tabby (now solid Cream), resides with Tina in Worcester, Ma.


Seal Point baby at 12 weeks of age

The Cats Playroom & Nursery


The kids sleeping on their bed.

Son of Daisy   Svendoogle "Doogie"  resides in Massachusetts

Chocolate boys Bailey" resides in California and "Frankiln" resides in Maine.

Lilly daughter of Olivia  resides in Massachusetts

Franklin resides in Maine

Champion Jack son of Najada

Oddie son of Najada  resides in Maryland

Shelly daughter of Najada       

Wilson (Willy, my baby wozzy x0x0x) our family pet


Pete and his sister Nola (Lyla)

Boots & Walace reside in New Jersey with Becky

Balzamin a retired stud x0x0

Retired "PETERBALD" Stud Dior 

Peterbald Baby Rah

Retired "DON SPHYNX" stud 


*Kittens must be at least 12 weeks of age before being placed in new homes.