Hairless Peterbald Sphynx



 The home of the Don Sphynx & Peterbald feline

 Summer and her Mom from Quincy, Ma. visiting their baby girl 

Mathew from Tewksbury, Ma. visiting their baby (Mathew's second baby

Madi from Peabody, Ma. w/her baby girl

Baby Vera and her kitten in Hampstead, N.H.

Chip & Christina from Windham, N.H. visiting their boy a Bicolor (Chip's third baby) 

Allyson's daughter holding their second ready to go home to Roslyn, N.Y.

Richard and Paige with their baby from Newton, N.H. 


Delight and her family taking baby home to Boston, Ma.

Shannon and her son taking home Silk to So. Berwick, Maine

Molly and her family from Gloucester, Ma. visiting their new baby Bathe

Mike from Dover, New Hampshire visiting his boy

Ernie and his son Nicolas from Pennsburg, Pa., visiting  their baby boy

Karen from Billerica visiting the famiiy's second baby at one day old 

Asia and her family from Sebastian, Florida awaiting their baby boy

Byran from Billerica, Ma. visiting his baby girl a Lilac Bicolor

Sarah and Robert from Haverhill, Ma. visiting their baby boy

Gary bringing his baby home to Malden, Ma. (his second baby)


Kerri & her son taking home their baby girl Zoe to Dracut, Ma. (their second baby)

Tina and Lisa from Farmington, N.H. taking home baby Ellis

Brooke taking home baby Havana to South Boston, Ma.

Kayse and her family taking home their second baby to Ct.

Patrica and her family from Lowell, Ma. waiting for their second baby girl

Cheryl from Woburn, Ma. visiting her 15 day old baby boy, a Silver Tabby (her second baby)


Lisa and Tina from Farmington, N.H. visiting their baby boy Ellis

Kerri and Eric from Dracut, Ma. visiting their baby girl. (this will be their second baby from our cattery)

Stacey and her family from the Bronx, N.Y. waiting for their baby

Lilly, Kayse, Steven and Avery from Storrs, Connecticut visiting their baby boy 

Lisa picking up her baby and bringing him home to Haverhill, Ma.

Cierra (on the right) & her sister, taking home her baby back to Warren, Maine

Victoria and her boyfriend with their baby girl

Patrica and her son from Lowell, Ma. visiting their baby girl

Lynne and her daughter Taylor from Marshfield, Ma. visiting their babies

Samantha from Fredriskburg, Texas and her baby boy x0x0

 Angel & Allison from Vermont, visiting their babies for the very first time

Eric bringing home baby Brady to New York


Chantelle taking home her baby girl to Pawtucket, R.I. 

Katie from Salem, Ma. visiting her baby girl

Lisa and her husband from Haverhill, Ma. visiting their baby Jetson

Jessica and Kirk awaiting their baby a Cream Mackerel Tabby in Mandeville, Louisiana

Angela and Dave visiting their baby boy from Portsmouth, N.H.

Amanda and her boyfriend taking home baby Tulip to W. Peabody, Ma.

Angel and Alison from S. Burlington, Vt. waiting for their two babies


Cierra and her sister from Warren, Maine visiting baby Delaware

Taylor and her mom Tonya taking home their baby girl "Treasure", to East Dennis, Ma.

Ashley and her family from Gilford, N.H. picking up their baby


Valeria & Andrew taking home their baby boy to Framingham, Ma. 

Ashley from Gilford, N.H. visiting her baby


Destiny from Braintree, Ma. taking home Atlas x0x0


Chantelle and her son from Pawtucket, R.I. visiting their baby


Lauren and Tyler taking home baby Dexter to Plymouth, Ma.


Nikki from Lawrence, Ma. taking home her baby Rosa


Toni (in the middle) from Johannesburg, S. Africa, waiting for her baby


 Betty and her daughters from Bellerose, N.Y., taking their baby home. 

Jennifer's second baby from Northampton, Ma.


 Janet from Auburn, Ma. and her BF visiting her second baby




Lauren and Tyler from Plymouth, Ma. visiting their green eyed white baby boy

Joshua in Nashua, N.H. picking up his second baby girl

Jessica and Drew taking home baby number two, a White Tabby Point, to Saco, Maine

Rob, Dannielle, Kayla & Phoebe taking home their baby "Diva"  a Chocolate Tortoiseshell to Saugus, Ma. Now awaiting baby number two their black baby "Magic"

Michael bringing his boy home to Rowley, Ma.

Michael relocating from Silver Springs, Colorado now in Seekonk, Ma., picking up his boy to bring home to his family. They have two of our babies

Ken and Jenny from Quincy, Ma.visiting their two baby boys, River & Nordic

Bruce and Marina in Leominster, Ma. with their Bicolor baby boy

Olga in Cambridge with her solid Chocolate Peterbald, Margo

Matt from Tewksbury, Ma. visiting his baby boy a Black Tabby

Rob and the girls taking home their baby boy to Concord, N.H.

Madeline and family from Lewiston, Maine. The family's third baby

Julie and her son taking home their baby to North Andover, Ma. They have two of our babies

Michelle and her daughter visiting their second baby a Chocolate Point baby girl

John from Hillsboro, N. H. and his boy

Arianna and her brother from Amesbury, Ma. first visit w/her baby Bicolor girl


Kristi taking home her baby Voyager to Everett, Ma.


Samantha from Needam, Ma. visiting her two week old baby girl


Scott's third baby will be going home to Chicago, Illinois


Michelle in Salem, Ma. awaiting for her second baby


Dannielle, Rob, Kayla and Phoebe from Saugus, Ma. visiting baby Polly

Michael & Emily from Arlington, Ma. visiting their baby boy

Ken in North Hollywood, California waiting for his 6th baby


Micheal from Rowley, Ma. visiting his 12 day old baby boy

Austin and his girlfriend in Naperville, Illinois waiting for their baby girl

Juliana from North Andover, Ma. visiting her baby boy. Has two of our babies, Adam & Cougar

Adam, Susan and Remy from Revere, Ma. with their baby girl, a rare Brindled Bicolor Tabby

Samantha's son, C.J. are taking home their Bicolor baby to Everett, Ma.

Dani from Stoughton, Ma. is bringing home her baby girl

Rob and the girls from Concord, N.H., visiting their new baby a Seal Point


Sam, Sam and baby Sam from Everett, Ma. visiting their baby for the first time a Red Spotted Tabby

Julie & Raymond from Oakdale, Ct. adopting their second baby 

Susan & Vartan and family from Providence, R.I. waiting for their second baby, a Chocolate Tortoiseshell w/white

Jessica and Drew from Saco, Maine visiting their baby boy a Black Mackerel Tabby

Pat taking her baby Finnaeas home to Woonsocket, R.I.

Mandy & Joel bringing home their second baby girl, Artemis, to Rumford, Maine

Samantha, Chris and C.J. from Everett, Ma. visiting their baby girl a Bicolor

Jamie and her daughter picking up their second baby and bringing "Grim" home to Rhode Island


Kimberly from Rhode Island is going home with her Fawn Bicolor Don Sphynx baby girl

Ray and Julie taking Salem, aka Waterbury, home to Oakdale, Ct.  They have two of our babies

Lori, her baby boy "Angel" and friend Carrissa bringing home baby to Maine

Mandy & Joel from Rumford, Maine visiting their second baby, a Chocolate Point female

Nick & Lori visiting w/baby Trace on Lori's birthday Oct.27th, Happy Birthday Lori!

Nick visiting baby Trace whom he will be taking home to Lori in Gornam, Maine

 Regina and her daughter taking home baby Century to Weymouth, Ma.

Annie & Aaron taking home their baby a  Bicolor to Cambridge, Ma.

Aaron from Cambridge, Ma. visiting his baby

Samantha bringing home her baby boy to Jamaica Plain, Ma.

Cookie with her brother & sister from Providence, R.I.

Stephanie and her dad picking up her baby boy & headed back home to Lebanon, Tennessee

Lilli and her family taking home a Blue Tabby to Northampton, Ma.

Kelsey from Westford, Ma. picking up her second baby a green eyed White baby

Francine & Patrik bringing home their baby to Boston, Ma.

Julia and her family from Wakefield. Ma. meeting infant Porsha

Regina from Weymouth, Ma. with her baby, Century

Samantha and Ryan from Jamaica Plain, Ma. visiting their baby boy a Chocolate Point

Stephanie from Lebanon,Tennessee and her baby boy, Elf 

Jen from Northampton, Ma. picking up her baby, Dazzle, a Chocolate Torti

Jess from the South Shore bringing her baby Moon home, a solid White

Michelle and her family bringing home their solid White baby boy to Lynn, Ma.

Devin taking her baby boy home to Peabody, Ma.

Kelsey and Jill bringing home their Lilac-Cream Torti to Westford, Ma.

Jamie and her daughter, from Rhode Island, with their baby Dobby. They are waiting for their second baby Grim

Michelle and her daughter from Lynn, Ma., visiting their baby boy


Francine and Patrik from Boston, Ma. and their baby a Grant a Chocolate Point

Lilly from Northampton visiting her baby a female Bicolor w/brown nose

Albert will be residing in Surprise, Arizona with Ana

Michelle from Youngsville, North Carolina with her baby a Cinnamon Tabby

Devin from Peabody, Ma. and her baby boy a Cinnamon Tabby

Michael from Phoenix, Arizona awaiting his baby boy a Bicolor

Susan and Vartan for Providence, R.I. visiting their baby

Carla ( and Dave) from Willmington, Ma. visiting thier 3rd baby

Monica from Valhalla, New York visiting her baby boy

Megan & Greg from Medford, Ma.picking up their baby

Adam taking home his baby Geisha to Quincy, Ma.

Chip from New Hampshire adopting his second baby

Jason from Lisbon Falls, Maine picking up his third baby

Anne from Vienna, West Virginia awaiting her baby boy, a Silver Tabby

Brenda & Ed from Warwick, R.I. picking up their 4th and final baby, Willow (you now officially have a "herd" ...hehee)

Megan and Gary from Medford, Ma. with their baby Hampton

Natali from Westfield, Ma. picking up her second baby, Baxter....and....Bandit, Natali's first baby a Bicolor

Charya, James and Odessa from Charlestown, Ma. visiting their baby, Rutter, for the very first time

Alexandra and Matt from Bosoton, Ma. visiting their Black Tabby baby

Tracey and Kristofor bringing home their third baby, a Red Mackerel Tabby Bicolor, to Lancaster, Ma.

Jason from Lisbon Falls, Maine bringing home baby number two, a Fawn Classic Tabby Point and waiting for baby #3 a Chocolate Point

Brenda, Ed and Cody from Warwick, R.I. with babies one,  number two & three. Currently awaiting baby # 4

Ashley from Beverly, Ma. with her second baby

Natali with her Bicolor baby

Baby number two


Tracey & Kristofor from Lancaster, Ma. visiting their third baby a Red Mackerel Tabby Bicolor

Chip from Windham, New Hampshire visiting with his second baby

Jason and Marissa from Lisbon Falls, Maine visiting their second and third babies, 5 wk. old Lace and 12 wk. old Harmony

Joel and Marie picking up their baby girl heading back to Boston, Ma.

Melisa and her baby Sleekats Ollie, a Sliver Tabby, in Meuthen, Ma.awaiting her second baby boy Hank a Seal Point

Timothy & Sarah visiting their baby when he was an infant. Timothy taking home his baby boy to Everett, Ma., Smith

Adam from Quincy, Ma. visiting his baby for the first time

Andrea from Marshfield, Ma. picking up her 3rd baby, Venice. Valerie at home with her baby sister.

Dennis and Katie w/their two babies Elsa and Magnum from Newton, Ma.

Mandy and Joel (owners of Permanence Tattoo in Rumford) w/their baby Veda in Augusta, Maine


Chris and her baby Dante from Ma.

Christine with her two babies

Charmange with Maebel Mae in California

Carla from Woburn, Ma. w/her two babies

Brenda and Ed from Warwick, R.I. with their first baby Maru, aka Levi out of 4

Babara and William in Florida

Colleen and Aries in Conway, New Hampshire


Brighton, Ma. number 2 baby


Paula and Jack from Georgetown, Ma. visiting their first baby (out of three).

Ashly from Beverly, Ma. with her first baby

Gardner, Ma.

Tracey and Kristofor taking home their second baby out of three

Mandy from Derry, N.H. taking home her baby Spence to meet her other baby Chavez

Joel, Marie and Torrel from Boston, Ma. visiting their baby for the first time

Ej, baby Finn and momma Tara taking home Finn's little brother to Dover, N.H.

Yasmin picking up her baby to bring home to Maine

Crystal, Melanie and the girls from Tauton, Ma. with their second baby a Red Mackerel Tabby

Vicki in Wasilla, Alaska w/her Velour baby, China. China as a baby, then growing into adulthood at 8 months old.

Resides in Maine a Bicolor

Jack and Paula from Georgetown, Ma. visiting their first baby

Anatasia Resides in West Peabody, Ma. with her baby boy

Resides in Maine currently awaiting her second baby

Charles, a Bicolor, resides in Winsor, Vermont (the families second baby) with Chuck & Judy

Gizzy, a Seal Point Don Sphynx, resides in Rome, New York

Pandora resides in Rhode Island

Isis resides w/Christopher and Anthony in Brighton, Ma.

Olive reside in Brighton, Ma.


Samantha from New York waiting for her baby Arctic a blue eyed white Peterbald

Jason bringing home Beaute' to Marissa, Lillian and Kamden to Lisbon Falls, Maine

Jaquelin and Ed from Malden, Ma. with their two babies Spring and Sumner


Vanessa and James from Salem, Ma. taking home their Chocolate Tortoiseshell

Kate in New hampshire has three babies

Has two our babies

James and Vanessa from Salem, Ma. with baby Layla a Chocolate Torbi Peterbald




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