Hairless Peterbald Sphynx



 The home of the Don Sphynx & Peterbald feline

Eunice and Madeline taking baby Buttercup home to Martha's Vineyard, Ma.

Michelle and David going back to Springboro, Ohio with their two babies 

Lisa, with her sister, taking her two babies home ( #'s 5 & 6 ) to Tina in Farmington, N.H.

Felicia and her daughter taking baby home to Hudson, Ma.

Cristina bringing her baby home to Brighton, Ma.

Kevin, Lily and baby India from Winchester, Ma. waiting for baby to come home

Marina and Louie from Salem, Ma. visiting their 5 day old baby boy.

Donna taking baby home to Merrimack, N.H.

Sylvia, James and family from Roslindale, Ma. visiting their baby.

Kimberly and her children bring home their baby boy to Rochester, N.Y.

Amanda bring her baby boy back to Manchester, N.N.

Casey and her Mom bringing home her baby girl to Chelmsford, Ma.

Kristin from Fall River, Ma. bringing home her baby boy.

Meagan and her BF taking home their baby boy to Boston, Ma.

Sadie-Mae from Rochester, N.H. taking home her baby girl.

Emma and her BF Matt from Derry, N.H. 

Marisol taking home her boy to Nashua, N.H.

Paige with her baby in Goffstown, Maine.

Whitni picking up her second baby headed back to Manchester, N.H.

Amber and Makayla bringing home baby to Portsmouth, N.H.

Leah bringing her baby home to Madison, Ct.

Mia and her sister bringing home baby to Atlanta, Georgia.

Cara and her boyfriend taking baby home to Burlington, Ma.

Deanna and her husband bringing their baby home to Billerica, Ma.

Alex bringing baby Arya home to Saco, Maine.

Kristi and Sean from Beverly, Ma. waiting for their second baby.

MacKenzie bringing home her boy to Groton, Ct.

Anita from Salem, N.H. waiting for her baby.

Emma and baby Biggie from Ma.

Charles, Stephanie & C.J. from Farmington, N.H. visiting their baby.

Katarzyna taking home her baby to Middlesex, New Jersey.

Chelsea and Jason bringing home baby Iggy home to Haverhill, Ma. 

And their second baby Zelda a Bicolor.

Emily from Mansfield, Ma. visiting her baby girl.

Jasmine from Bowdoin, Maine taking home her baby boy.

Kristina taking baby Tiggy home to her son in Hopkinton, N.H.

Cindy taking baby #1 home to Hudson, N.H.

Stephen & Elana bring baby home to White Plains, N.Y.

Karen bringing home her baby to Manchester, N.H.

Jessica and her daughter from Saugus, Ma.

Kristi and her Sean with their baby from Beverly, Ma.

Jamie and his family, from N. Andover, Ma., visiting their kitty.